TConf is back!

We are very excited to announce TConf 2017. After an amazing 2016 with Melbourne Software Testing Meetup group and the amount of fun we had with TConf 2016 we had to do another year.

We are currently on the look out for speakers so fill out the “Become a speaker” form on the home page if this interests you.

Sponsorship is now open as well, this is a great chance for your company to secure seats early to make sure your team has career development for this year. Sponsorship is also a great chance for your company to get your name up in front of Melbourne’s biggest software testing conference.

So should you also be excited? Well yes… and here’s why!

  • Attendance: we’re expecting over 400 attendees
  • Topic: more than 8 hours of pure testing technology talks
  • Date: 8th of December 2017
  • Speakers: we’re in the process of finalising the list of speakers