Why attend TConf?

Why you should attend TConf?

We’d like to take the risk of being bold and say that by numbers, TConf is the biggest software quality conference in Melbourne, and probably in Australia :)

In 2016, we had more than 240 people joined us and 60+ people on the waiting list. We would love to cater for everyone but we were limited by the size of the venue. This year, we are moving to a bigger venue.

More than 70 companies sent their team last year, including technology & product companies, startups, banks, governments, universities, recruitment agencies and consulting firms. Many name are familiar to us, including Telstra, ANZ, SEEK, Realestate.com, Carsales, Myers, Zendesk, MYOB, Xero and many more…

There were many individuals participants too, including students, researchers and independent contractors.

We saw more than 80 different job titles last year, including developers, team leaders, QAs, DevOps, architects, recruiters, CIOs, CEOs and even an uber tester!

We are proud to have a great women to men ratio, somewhere above 35%. This is something we intend to keep at and get better every year! One piece of feedback from last year is our personal favourite:

“Did you notice that there was a very high ratio of women to men. That is not normal across the ITC industry. Great to see such a great turn out of women in ITC!”

But above are just numbers right? What is more important than numbers?

We believe the single most important aspect of a conference is content.

We had a great variety of talks last year, packed into a single day, so no one will miss anything. This year, we are keeping the working formula and bringing you some great talks. Some talks are technical, as we have an affinity to technical talks and practical knowledge, some are about culture and process, which is equally important.

We believe software testing in isolation is behind us, and we have a strong desire to advance the Quality function. To build software with better quality, it is vitally important to be inclusive, to blend with all the roles on a team. We can’t say as an industry we are there yet, but we are on our way.

I’d like to end this blog piece by sharing some of the feedback we collected from last year:

  • “Positive atmosphere!”
  • “The coverage of topics for the talks was diverse.”
  • “Having a single track was great. I liked not missing anything!”
  • “Opportunity to hear about what other companies are working on and/or doing in terms of testing!”
  • “Great vibe, great lineup. great turnout. great venue, really good day!”
  • “Single track, fast paced and broad range of topics - something for everyone, amazing speakers!”
  • “All speakers spread amazing knowledge across the people. Volunteers were great help.”
  • “I thought the conference was very well put together guys. I love how it felt like a meet up and not a ‘conference’“

If you attended TConf 2016, we look forward to seeing you again. And if you didn’t, we would love to meet you there!